App Caller for Android

"Get immediate response from others to launch apps, share links and photos."


App Caller is an android application that helps you get an immediate response from other users to launch an app, share links and photos.

Some uses includes buzzing your friends to chat or use any apps and games. Sharing links or news or any chrome url with their own sharing features on the apps menu then choosing app caller.

You can also send your photos if your gallery supports sharing then choosing app caller then the contact you want to share it to.

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Highlight Reading Chrome Extension

"Easily read news and articles while you highlight your progress"

This extension will help you read any news and articles. It will highlight your sentences to help you navigate to the next line and can also keep track of where you are. By default it auto plays which you can control by pressing “c” to play and pause.

You can adjust these options by right clicking the icon and hitting options. Things you can modify includes highlight color, next, previous, play pause, auto play and speed options.

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Schools / Teachers and Nonprofit Organizations are now Free on Chip’n Ship

A lot of teachers spend their own money for supplying their classrooms. Chip’n Ship is a group gifting platform for buying stuff on amazon and this includes school supplies and anything available on amazon (US only). When you sign up on Chip’n Chip with your .edu email you automatically get discounted to 2% (default for all students too) then you’ll have to request for these fees to be waived.

Using Chip’n Ship removes the hassle of ordering your items that gets fully funded and will directly ship items to the provided address.

Chip’n Ship Introduces Crowdfunding for Online Shopping and Group Gifts

New Platform Takes A More Personal Approach and Eliminates Fraud on Donation Systems”


Austin, TX - Chip’n Ship releases its beta version early in August 2014 as the newest crowdfunding platform created exclusively for shopping online. The platform targets the average online users letting them create a shopping wish list and enabling other users to chip in.

“You don’t have to be someone who can change the world to use this platform,” says co-founder Monna Lissa. “This is practically for everyone.  For the ladies, men, birthday celebrants, anyone who wants to buy something online with a little help. It can even be used as a gift registry for birthdays and weddings or for a group of friends who wants to share expenses for a common interest.”

Aside from serving as personal wishlist and gift registry platform, creators envision Chip’n Ship becoming a primary option for managing donations for institutions and other causes. The platform can be used to build a school library or donate goods to victims of natural disasters.

“The good thing about Chip’n Ship is that there are no chances that the money you chipped in for buying a book ends up elsewhere,” the other co-founder Faisal Raja said.

Chip’n Ship addresses fraudulence by letting beneficiaries receive actual items instead of money at the end of a successful campaign. The founders believe this feature sets Chip’n Ship apart from other crowd-gifting platforms.

About Chip’n Ship

Chip’n Ship is a crowdfunding platform for online shopping conceptualized in July 2014 by Faisal and Monna Raja of Altlimit. It uses Amazon as its online retailer and Google Cloud Platform for hosting the application. Chip’n Ship is currently in beta test version at

About Altlimit

Altlimit is an Austin-based software development startup founded in 2004 by Faisal Raja. It was built on top of a goal to make life easier by finding alternative solutions to limitations. For more information on Altlimit, visit

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"Protect your precious ones the natural way"


Our drinking water. The food that we eat. The air that we breathe.

These are all factors contributing to various deadly diseases which can take away lives in an instant. How can you protect yourself and the important people in your life from all these?

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Automatically Sort Android Applications with AppLauncher+

Nice app I love that it is still being actively developed. It is very nice for organizing your apps. Love the icon pack support as well. Keep up the great work dev!”


App Launcher Plus is an App Drawer that automatically organize your apps base on google play categories. It is not a full featured launcher, so it will not replace your current launcher. But you can use it as an alternative app drawer. You can also use it as an apps manager to install or uninstall apps quickly.

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